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The name for my private practice came about after a client said that their weekly session had become their ‘space to be’. My best hopes are for you to also feel safe and comfortable in the accepting and confidential space I can hold for you; to feel truly seen, heard, and understood. 


I am a fully inclusive therapist and wholeheartedly welcome anyone who may have experienced feeling marginalised in society, perhaps due to ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, physical ability or economic status. I am LGBTQIA+ friendly, and have both a professional and personal interest in neurodivergence, social anxiety, relationship challenges and low self-esteem. The relationship we create together will be key to the success of the work we do. If you have experienced difficulty in making and/or maintaining relationships in the past, I hope to provide something different.

As an integrative therapist, I consider and use multiple psychological approaches to tailor the work we might do together. I carefully bring the theory and techniques from these different models as one philosophy, and I endeavour to 'meet' you wherever you are in the here and now. We are all unique and, I think, all deserve therapy which reflects that.


For those who like detail, I am predominantly humanistic and psychodynamic in my approach, drawing on somatic work (the connection of body and mind), attachment theory, transactional analysis (psychotherapy) and neuroscience. Holding in mind the future, we will work with whatever you bring in the present, while being curious about what patterns have been learnt in the past and may no longer be serving a purpose. I always offer the option to work creatively for when talking is too much, and use psychoeducation to help inform you and give you the knowledge and skills to play the active role in your healing. 


How else our work together looks will very much depend on you, your preferred ways of working and what you would like the outcomes from therapy to be. I strongly believe that you are the expert in you and that, while I have experience, knowledge and understanding to offer, I fundamentally trust in you and hope to work alongside you while you re-learn to trust yourself. 

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